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What are veneers?

In cosmetics dentistry, tooth veneer is known as a thin covering of porcelain or other composite material, used to place over teeth to treat worn teeth, crooked teeth, discolored teeth, chipped teeth, to close gaps between teeth and to restore smile symmetry. Veneers are different from dental crown; unlike dental crown they only cover the most visible part of your affected teeth area.

Do they look like natural teeth?

Yes! Veneers just look like natural teeth, we custom- design veneers in a way that fits your tooth with most comfy and natural-looking results. If any of your teeth needs veneer treatment dentists uses materials of natural teeth color and place them firmly on your tooth area to provide the patient both functional and aesthetical benefits.

What about maintenance of porcelain veneers?

Maintenance procedure of porcelain veneers is very easy. Regular brushing, flossing and a good oral hygiene of teeth are suggested by the cosmetics dentistry professionals.

How long do they last?

Onetime treatment with veneers, can provide you a long term result of many years or even decades. Veneer coverings never change their colors or they do not break on your teeth. They are designed with durable materials which provide a long term result and in many cases you may even get a life time result of the veneers.

Is the procedure painful?

If you are under cosmetics dentistry professionals, it is a guarantee that there is no pain is associated with the procedure; veneer treatment procedure is always considered as a painless treatment. The patient may experience sensitivity during the treatment while at the time of tooth preparation. Generally dentists apply anesthetics before the treatment procedure.