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Facial trauma is any injury of the face and upper jaw bone (maxilla). Causes As per our expert maxillofacial surgeon blunt or penetrating trauma can cause injury to the area of the face that includes the upper jaw, lower jaw, cheek, nose, or forehead. Common causes of injury to the face include : Automobile accidents Penetrating injuries Symptoms Changes in sensation and feeling over the face Deformed or uneven face or facial bones Difficulty breathing through the nose due to swelling and bleeding Double vision Missing teeth Swelling around the eyes that may cause vision problems Patients who cannot function normally or who have significant deformity will need surgery. The goal of treatment is to: Control bleeding Create a clear airway Fix broken bone segments with titanium plates and screws Leave the fewest scars possible Rule out other injuries Treat the fracture Treatment should be immediate, as long as the person is stable and there are no neck fractures or life-threatening injuries.